Custom Furniture for an Executive Office – Case Study (Part 14) – The Audio/Video Guys Do Their Thing

With the custom furniture now installed in JLT’s office it’s time for the Audio/Video guys to do their thing.

This image was shown in the previous post. Although the woodwork to the right looks like an architectural panel designed to complement the furniture in the room, it’s actually a built-in closet with doors to conceal storage.

The lower door provides access to a hidden safe, while the large upper door has shelves for storage plus a built-in rack mount system for holding the audio/video components.

Although it’s difficult to see from this photo, there are multiple slots in the ceiling of the cabinet to allow for ventilation of components.

A veritable plethora of tools, components and wires….

The motorized TV lift mechanism needs to be interfaced with the Savant control, using cables that have already been prewired through the walls.

The flat screen TV is mounted into the lift basket, and secured on the adjustable mounts. (The finger prints that resulted from lifting the TV are optional).

Next: Custom Furniture for an Executive Office – Case Study (Part 15) – Accessories

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