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Delta Rose Console

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J. Wade Beam is one of America’s most iconic furniture designers.

After several years working at the legendary Dunbar Furniture Company of Berne, Indiana Wade became Design Director and VP of Sales and Marketing at Brueton Industries Inc. of New York.

It was during this time we worked with Wade to develop many new products for the Brueton collection, including the Virginian Credenza show here.

The elliptical shape of the plywood bend on the Virginian was extremely difficult to achieve, but our success with the final result made this credenza a favorite of all the custom furniture pieces we have ever made.

Following completion of his tenure at Brueton in the mid 1990s, Wade began to dabble with other experimental designs. One of them was a wall hung console he called the Delta Rose.

Measuring 84″ long x 18″ deep x 36″ high this console was extremely angular in form, with high polished Ribbon Sapele ends flanking a triangular gold leaf center wedge.

Although called the Delta Rose, this console became unofficially known as the “Klingon Warship” in our shop. (Star Trek fans might see the humour here).

Custom Display Cases

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This is a current project we are working on, which is for 6 massive display cases going into a sports lounge.

Each case measures 39″ wide x 24″ deep x 102″ high. Crafted from Ribbon Sapele these units will each have a mirrored back, glass shelves, an inset glass face and locking glass doors on each side.

The opening at the front of the plinth base will receive a fitted grill to conceal air return plenums that are going to be set into the floor.

Recessed halogen lighting on swivelling fixtures will be fitted into the header.