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Custom Furniture Sample Sale – Pedestal Jewel Box

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In 2006 The Guild Shop in Toronto showcased some examples of my work at an exhibition called “Boxed Jewels”. The following Pedestal Jewel Box was one of the pieces on display.

This Pedestal Jewel Box measures 12-5/8″ wide x 11-1/8″ deep x 49-1/2″ overall height. When open it measures 16-3/8″ wide. The pedestal is made of FSC certified Nero Vermelho which has been sculpted into an entasis shape using the same geometric proportions that the ancient Greeks used to construct the columns on the Parthenon in Athens.

The exterior of the split shell box is crafted out of some of my core stash of rare veneers – in this case the last of my spectacular Amboyna Cluster Burl that was first used to make the Amboyna Bed back in 1998.

The box interior is made of African Padauk, with the 5 undulating drawer fronts sculpted from solid stock. The drawer boxes are solid mahogany fitted with sliding dovetails. The drawer bottoms are lined in black Tuscany leather.

This Pedestal Jewel Box was most recently on display at the “My Grain” Exhibition at The Guild Shop in Toronto, which ran July through August, 2011.

List price: $2500.00

Special pricing available for sample sale.

Kidney Shaped Desk at the “My Grain” Exhibition

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This Kidney Shaped Desk measures 75″ long x 35″ wide x 29″ high.

It has been crafted from FSC certified Ebony which has been hand cut to create a radiating pattern around an FSC certified plywood core.

The glue used to apply the Ebony is non-UF (urea formaldehyde), and the finish is low-VOC polyurethane.

The inset top has a subtle bevel edge, and is clad in black Tuscany leather.

A total of 3 drawers have been built into the apron, with each one being made from solid Cherry and fitted using sliding dovetail joinery.

In addition to using FSC certified woods to build the main body of the desk, several lesser known species of wood have also been incorporated into the design to communicate a more comprehensive story about sustainable wood use.

In the very centre of the pencil drawer a small compartment has been carved into a block of rare wood known as Hawthorn. Hawthorn is a traditional healing wood that has been used in medicinal practice for a considerable period of time. It was well known to the ancient Greek herbalists, and records indicate that it has been used in Ayurvedic medicine dating back almost 5,000 years.

Hawthorn is considered an aroma-therapeutic healing wood since it produces an aerosol of complex compounds – all of which are medicinal. The primary benefit of the aroma-therapeutic properties of the Hawthorn is to help alleviate stress and strengthen the heart.

On either side of the Hawthorn compartment is a pair of pencil trays made of a wood called Sassafras. Sassafras carries within it oil based complex of compounds that are naturally saturated within the wood itself – both as a wax and as oil. Through handling and the bumping action of contents against the fibers of this wood, the oils contained within this wood are released as an aerosol each time the drawer is opened.

This aerosol is considered to be a tonic to the human body, since it helps to promote an overall feeling of well-being. This state increases the ability of the deep centers of the brain to promote increased and clearer thinking.

The oil of the Sassafras is related to Myrrh, one of the legendary woods of the ancient world. Sassafras is also the wood used for spiritual cleansing by many tribes of North American Indians, in their traditional sweat lodge ceremony.

On the underside of the drawer fronts are inlaid finger pulls that have been crafted from wood that comes from the Black Walnut (Juglans nigra) family of trees. Native American medicine women discovered through many generations of trial, error and observation that this wood has medicinal properties that are useful in the prevention and treatment of disease. It is believed that simply touching this wood will release the active molecules to the surface of one’s skin, where they can be naturally absorbed into the pores.

In recent years a scientific basis has been discovered that supports this traditional wisdom, and the active molecules (known scientifically as ellagitannins) are currently at the leading edge of research into finding a cure for cancer.

Please note that the inclusion of traditional holistic woods such as Hawthorn, Sassafras and Black Walnut into the design of this desk does not promise any particular holistic or therapeutic benefit to the user. This information has been shared to give others a broader understanding and appreciation for trees, by helping to see them as being more than mere sources of raw material.

Additional information on the Kidney Shaped Desk, and the story behind its creation, can be found at the following link. This link also gives background information on a botanist and scientist by the name of Diana Beresford-Kroeger, who played an instrumental role in providing the information for the holistic woods used on this desk.

This Kidney Shaped Desk is currently on display at The Guild Shop in Toronto, where it will be part of the “My Grain” Exhibition, which opens on Saturday July 16.

Tekendoos Keepsake Boxes

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The inspiration for these keepsake boxes comes from a “Tekendoos” (a Dutch word for “drawing box”) that was given to me by my Grandfather when I was a small boy.

I have cherished this gift for almost 50 years, and it still sits on my desk to this day.

The boxes shown here have been constructed from mitre folded Baltic Birch ply, with exteriors clad in various species of exotic wood that have been inlaid with veneer banding. The hinges are solid brass, and the interiors are felt lined.

The overall dimensions of each box is 10” by 5” by 2-5/8” high

The box shown above has been crafted from Karellian Birch Burl and inlaid with Mahogany, Maple and Indian Ebony.

The above box is made from Zebrawood inlaid with Mahogany, Maple and Indian Ebony.

This box is made of Kevazingo inlaid with Tulipwood, Maple and Indian Ebony.

The above box is made of Pommelle Sapele inlaid with Mahogany, Maple and Indian Ebony.

The keepsake box shown above is made of Bubinga inlaid with Tulipwood, Maple and Indian Ebony.

Several of these Tekendoos Keepsake Boxes will be on display at The Guild Shop in Toronto, as part of the “My Grain” exhibition which opens on July 16th.

Aquaria Console

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The Aquaria Console measures 42-1/2″ long by 10-1/2″ deep by 29-1/2″ high. The high gloss figured wood top appears to float over the base since it rests on concealed cross ribs that are set between the long curving aprons.

The aprons are attached to the curved legs by means of mortise and tenon construction. An optional drawer extends from one end on Blumotion linear ball bearing slides. The drawer box itself is made of dovetailed solid maple.

The console above is shown with a solid Walnut base that has been stained Dark Chocolate. The top is figured Crotch Walnut which has been center butt matched, and stained to complement the base – albeit with a high gloss finish.

The legs and aprons on the console above are made out of solid natural Bubinga. The figured wood top is rotary cut Bubinga, which is sometimes called Kevazingo.

The apron and legs on the console above have been made out of Curly Maple that has been stained a medium Chestnut colour. The figured wood top comes from a rare sampling of Curly Birds Eye Maple that has been stained Chestnut to match.

The console below has legs and apron made out of natural solid walnut, with a natural Crotch Walnut top.

The latter two consoles are currently on display at The Guild Shop in Toronto – ready for the “My Grain” exhibition which opens on July 16th.

Channel Cocktail Table at the “My Grain” Exhibition

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The Channel Cocktail Table is one of the first custom furniture pieces that Kevin designed and made, while he was still in school.

Measuring 54″ long x 21″ wide x 16″ overall height the main body of this table is crafted from a rare sampling of quartered English Oak veneer, which was sourced from my core stash of vintage woods.

The tempered glass top was set on offsets of satin stainless steel which were meticulously inlaid into the concave curve of the pedestal top.

This table was first displayed in the juried “Studio North” exhibition at the 2010 Interior Design Show (IDS10). It was here that the table caught the eye of Gord Peteran, who teaches Furniture and Industrial Design at the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD).

Peteran said he “was struck by the simple understated grace of the table. While the table was basically composed of three simple forms made out of three different materials, there was a sophisticated relationship between them that is not common in contemporary design nor is it usually present in young makers work.”

Peteran went on to say that “upon closer examination the quality of execution is beautiful.”

The Channel Cocktail Table will be on display at the upcoming “My Grain” exhibition at The Guild Shop in Toronto, which opens July 16th.

Chevron Console at the “My Grain” Exhibition

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Many apartments and condominiums are notorious for having narrow entry areas at the front door. To address the design challenges of these spaces Kevin has created a narrow wall hung console called the Chevron Console that is only 6″ deep.

Earlier this year Kevin had the privilege of displaying an example of this design at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show in New York.

This piece ended up being part of a group exhibit at The Furniture Society’s display, where it was featured alongside the works of distinguished furniture makers such as Garry Knox Bennett, Wendell Castle , Michael Fortune , Vladimir Kagan , Silas Kopf, John Makepeace, Judy McKie, Po Shun Leong and others.

Kevin’s Chevron Console was subsequently sold to a private collector.

For the upcoming “My Grain” exhibition at The Guild Shop in Toronto Kevin will be displaying another version of the Chevron Console . This piece measures 30″ long by 6″ deep by 6″ high. It has been crafted from quarter cut Wenge panels that have been compound mitred to create a seamless monolithic structure. It is wall hung by means of a French cleat that is recessed into the back face. It is also signed and numbered on the back face: 2010-#022.

The “My Grain” exhibition opens at The Guild Shop in Toronto on Saturday July 16th.

The “My Grain” Exhibition at The Guild Shop

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Next week the “My Grain” exhibition opens at The Guild Shop in Toronto.

Today Kevin and I delivered some pieces that will be displayed at this show.

In the above photo Kevin is standing beside on his Chevron Console, while leaning on his Aquaria Console. He’ll also have his Channel Table on display.

The main piece that I’ll be showing is a Kidney Shaped Desk crafted out of FSC certified ebony.

Some upcoming blog posts will detail all of these pieces in greater detail.