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Custom Furniture Sample Sale – Digitaria / Blue Star Credenza

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The Digitaria/Blue Star Credenza is a one-of-a-kind that began as an experiment to create a piece of furniture comprised almost exclusively of multi-dimensional surfaces and compound angles.

Measuring 72″ long x 22-1/2″ deep x 34-5/8″ high the exterior is crafted from FSC certified maple ply that has been finished satin black. The angular plinth base is sculpted from polished stainless steel.

The inset top is bevelled Black Glass.

The natural maple interior has adjustable shelves behind each of the end drawers, plus 4 solid maple dovetailed drawers behind the center door. The drawers each run on self closing Blumotion linear ball bearing slides which are activated by a pneumatic touch mechanism. In other words a slight touch is all it takes for each drawer to project open.

Inlays of Padauk and Amboyna in the finished back show the star Sirius and constellation Orion rising over a raised silhouette representing the Great Pyramids at Giza.

Given the extreme complexity involved in making this piece it will not be repeated again.

The List price of $22,915.00 includes custom crate for shipping.

Special discounts during our Sample Sale are available.


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About a year ago we received a request for quotation for a number of furniture pieces going into a large custom project. One of the pieces quoted was for a custom desk.

At the time I remembered feeling just a little bit nervous about the prospect of making a massive one piece curved top that would measure almost 14′ corner to corner. Not knowing whether the quote would actually materialize as an order, I didn’t end up spending too much time figuring out how, exactly, we’d do it.

Well, the order did materialize, and we did figure out how to make the top.

This is the credenza that will be located on the left side of the desk. There are a total of 6 box drawers over 3 files drawers. The drawer boxes will all be dovetailed solid maple running on Blumotion self closing linear ball bearing slides.

This image shows the addition of the side cabinet for CPU storage. There will be a removeable angled back added to this cabinet to allow for wiring access.

The curved modesty panel is bolted to the CPU cabinet.

The end gable is added to the far side of the modesty panel. The removable panel for the CPU cabinet can be seen on the right.

The massive flight deck a.k.a. top is added to Desk-Zilla. It goes without saying that putting an undercut bevel edge around all 3 sides was more than a little challenging.

This view shows the inside of the desk, including the knee space.

I’m not certain whether this is the biggest desk we’ve ever made, but this is definitely the biggest desk we’ve ever made for a home office.

This piece has now been disassembled for sanding and finishing.

Custom Cabinet for a Four Seasons Hotel

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Over the years we have made a variety of custom furniture pieces for many 5-star luxury hotels including Four Seasons, Mandarin-Oriental, Ritz-Carlton and Umstead Hotel and Spa.

Typically the pieces we make are either the specialty pieces that get showcased in public areas, or custom furnishings that go into the restaurants, cocktail lounges and the most luxurious of penthouse suites.

Recently we completed a custom Audio/Video Cabinet that will be delivered to the Presidential Suite of a newly renovated Four Seasons Hotel.

This cabinet was custom made out of a combination of FSC certified Ebony veneer, and satin black lacquered panels.

The tops on each of the end cabinets are made of 1-1/4″ thick Nero Assolute granite.

The drawers are dovetailed solid maple, running on concealed and self-closing Blumotion linear ball bearing slides.

The cabinet interiors are finished in satin natural maple, and the inlaid grommet in the backs allow for wiring.

After final cleaning and inspection the cabinet is wrapped in tissue and bubble wrap, before being crated for shipping.

A Built-In Audio/Video Wall Unit

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Although we usually specialize in making free standing pieces of custom furniture it is not uncommon for us to also do cabinetry such as built-ins.

This audio/video wall unit is one example of something we’ve installed recently. Measuring 156″ long x 96″ high x 21″ deep this unit has open shelving across the top, and door and drawer storage below.

The drawer boxes are made out of dovetailed solid maple, running on concealed Blumotion linear ball bearing slides. The false door with the black speaker cloth is designed to conceal a subwoofer.

The entire unit is finished in a satin opaque polyurethane that has been custom tinted to match the color of the walls.

500 Cabinets

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Last year three of my furniture pieces were published in a book entitled: “500 Cabinets: A Showcase of Design & Craftsmanship”.

It was an incredible honour to be showcased alongside so many of the world’s finest furniture designers and makers.

Juried by John Grew Sheridan, “500 cabinets” showcases the art and craft of fine furniture making with examples of contemporary works from 300 different makers.

The Andiroba Cabinet was one of the pieces selected. In the photos below you can see this design sculpted out of Mottled Tangare, and fitted as a standing humidor.

For those wishing to respect the Cuban embargo, please close your eyes to the Cohibas.

Also featured was the Gentleman’s Valet, which was crafted out of a rare sampling of Curly Birds Eye Maple, and inlaid with Makore and Ebony.

Using a technique similar to the Andiroba, the outer case is made as 2 seamless half shells that hinge/pivot open to reveal the interior.

The inside of the valet contains 7 drawers plus a pair of doors for storage at the bottom.

The upper drawer has individual compartments to receive wrist watches and cuff links.

Slots for fountain pens are located in the center tray.

The third cabinet accepted for publication was a piece called Digitaria/Blue Star.

This multi-angular design was inspired by the Wally 118 superyacht, with its geometry being highlighted by the subtle contrast between the polished stainless steel base and the satin black lacquer cabinetry.

In the isometric view the 3-dimensionality of the design is more apparent.

The interior of Digitaria/Blue star is crafted from natural maple plywood. The 4 drawers are dovetailed solid maple, and pop open using Blumotion slides and Blum’s pneumatic touch latch system.

This detail view of the upper corner shows how the angles of the multiple surfaces intersect.

The top is bevel back painted glass, set into a recess.