Long Time, No Blog

It has been months since my last blog post. In fact, since my return from summer vacation over 4 months ago I have only posted the one time – and even then it was to talk about my time away.

That vacation resulted in an epiphany of sorts for me. By strange coincidence the daily walks through the woods that has become a routine over the years ended up resulting in three very close encounters with deer.

On one of those occasions we ended up standing almost motionless for the better part of an hour watching two does and a fawn calmly grazing nearby. My wife even managed to take some incredible close-up photographs, including the one below.

Standing there in the silence of the woods, watching the deer, gave me pause to do a great deal of thinking. In particular I noted how the day to day life of a deer was relatively simple, when compared to the complexity of my own daily rituals.

In the ensuing weeks I ended up spending a great deal of time reflecting on the last 30+ years of my life, starting from the time I graduated university and began working full time. It sounds like a cliche to say that those decades have passed almost as a blur.

First I worked alongside my father for a couple of years in the family woodworking business, then bought my first car, got married, bought a house, started a family, and by the age of 28 was running a 15 man shop pretty much on my own following the sudden decision of both of my parents to retire early.

After surviving the crushing recession of the early 1990s my life then began to ramp into overdrive, both as a father to 3 active kids and as a studio furniture maker doing high quality work for some of the finest furniture collections in the world.

At each step of the way I did everything I was supposed to doing as a small business owner, namely working hard, collecting and remitting my taxes, and doing whatever marketing and investment was necessary to make sure that each year’s sales exceeded the previous year’s sales.

And it always puzzled me as to why the primary measure of “success” of my business was measured almost exclusively in quantitative terms (i.e. sales and growth) and not qualitative terms (i.e. happiness).

This very question was in my mind on the night of October 5th of this year when news broke that Steven Jobs of Apple Computers had passed away. I came across the following post on someone’s Facebook wall which, as it turns out, was exactly what I needed to hear in that moment.

That said, the wheels of great change are now in motion.

One Response to “Long Time, No Blog”

  1. I appreciate your reflection and am eager to hear more about what it meant to you to see that quote.

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