Small Oval Keepsake Boxes

Every so often I’ll end up with some lovely pieces of Black Walnut that are too small to make into furniture. More often than not I’ll use this material to make into small Keepsake Boxes.

Each of these boxes gets crafted from a single block of wood. Elliptical oval in shape, they measure 4″ long by 2-1/2″ wide x 1-1/2″ high. The wood surfaces are hand rubbed in a natural oil finish, and the inside bottoms are lined in Caiman leather.

The turtle image inlaid into the top of this box was inspired by an aboriginal glyph of a turtle.

Turtles are deeply revered in many ancient cultures and civilizations, in part because they are one of the oldest forms of life and their shells are symbolic of protection. Because of their great age and slow metabolism, turtles are also associated with longevity. A turtle also does not move very fast, which is indicative of the need for patience. This message is especially important for relationships such as marriage, because all marriages require patience.

The Goddess image shown here was originally designed for the Women’s Health Research Awards in 2004. It symbolizes the image of the feminine divine, with the Woman represented as Goddess.

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