Custom Furniture for an Executive Office – Case Study (Part 12) – The Renovation Work is Finally Done

Although our custom furniture work is now completed the delivery schedule for installation has been postponed due to unexpected delays in the renovation work being done in JLT’s office. Finally we received word that the back-ordered LED fixtures have arrived and been installed, so the site is now ready to receive our work.

As you can see from the design and placement of the ceiling and lighting fixtures, this delay has been more than worthwhile. (After all, proper lighting is critical to effectively displaying the woodwork in the room, as well as the artwork that will follow later).

The desk and credenza will be installed in the far corner of the space. (The warmth of the lighting is already more than apparent).

The motorized TV cabinet will be installed immediately to the left of the glass.

The built-in closet will be fitted into the niche space in the far right corner.

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