Custom Furniture for an Executive Office – Case Study (Part 11) – The Furniture’s Done – Now We Wait

The previous post describes how the renovation work in JLT’s office is nearing completion. Although our custom furniture work for this space is now done, the site is not yet ready to receive the delivery – apparently because of a delay with the installation of the custom lighting system. At this stage it’s better not to install the furniture while guys with ladders are still moving around. We also need to coordinate with JLT’s audio/video guy, because once we schedule our road trip we want to make sure that everything runs as seamlessly as possible. Unnecessary delays can end up being costly. Meanwhile, I’m posting more images of the finished furniture pieces.

This is the finished credenza top.

The inlaid grommet in the credenza top.

The drawer pedestal for the desk, complete with the inlaid handles and locking mechanism.

The desk top, featuring over 200 inlays of mother-of-pearl.

This is a detail view of the desk top, showing the custom wood grommet and mother-of-pearl inlays.

A detail view of the Scotch Bar, showing faux ivory inlays and satin nickel handle.

The Scotch Bar interior is now fitted with a pull out tray, drawer, mirror back, glass shelf and LED lighting. All that’s missing is the black granite top that will be set over the drawer and tray.

This is the accessory drawer, which will be handy for storing coasters and other miscellaneous items.

This pull-out tray can be used as a surface for pouring scotch or mixing drinks.

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